About Kate

From the time that I learned to read, the one thing I wanted to do more than anything was to write — and to touch other people’s lives, as the books I loved touched mine.

It’s funny how wanting something can actually make it harder to achieve.

I completed a Ph.D. — but for many years, I couldn’t start a novel. Why? Because of everything I’d ever wanted to do, writing was the most important.

I was afraid to admit I might fail at my most treasured goal.

Finally, after looking at my creative block and what was really going on inside me, I knew I wanted to write enough to risk failure.

So I wrote.

And I’m more proud of that first, 400-page novel than of anything else I’ve done in my entire life.

Some advice for you: fear the fear, and do it anyway. Dream great dreams, then make them happen.

As Julia Cameron says, “Leap, and the net will appear.”

I did that. And I created my own net. So can you.

More about Kate

Writing is my passion. I’ve published a dissertation, nonfiction articles, and scientific papers, as well as two novels and multiple shorter works under a pen name. I’ve been a finalist or winner in more than thirty national writing contests. I’ve jumped the hurdles other writers face, and it’s my pleasure to coach my clients and guide them to success.

I’m the only life coach who specializes in working with women writers. When you’re deep into your book and slamming into unforeseen walls, don’t you want someone who understands and supports you and your creative process?

My clients are smart and motivated. They’ve reached a point in their lives where they’re ready to take on a big challenge, and they know that having the right support makes all the difference. They want to hone their creativity and they’re determined to make it happen.

Because my coaching sessions are held by telephone, my clients and I can be anywhere and still work together. I’ve had clients around the world—from the U.S. and Canada to Australia.

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“After reading Kate’s website and talking with her, I knew she was someone with whom I could relate. She is down-to-earth, punctual and polite, with a positive energy that’s contagious. I have learned many good writing tips from her, which has boosted my confidence. Kate’s honest feedback yet gentle guidance through the sometimes arduous writing process has been the impetus for me to keep writing.” — A.G.

At the 2005 Romance Writers of America national conference with client Eileen Cassidy Rivera

At the 2005 Romance Writers of America national conference with client Eileen Cassidy Rivera

The life I've chosen

I now live in Colorado—one of the world’s most beautiful areas, in my biased opinion! My home is on top of a mountain with 360-degree views, which inspire me every day.

My previous move was to the eastern Sierra Nevada mountains near Lake Tahoe. I’d never visited that area and didn’t know a soul within 150 miles before I chose to move there. Does that sound crazy? Maybe. But it turned out perfectly.

Within weeks of my decision, I’d found new friends, a home I loved with a gorgeous mountain view, and I’d renewed a life of skiing.

Was this just luck? I doubt it. I’ve never been an especially lucky person. Instead, the universe rewarded my decision to go on an adventure. Take courageous actions, then watch the universe align itself with your goals.