Happy BLOG Birthday . . .

3 December 2018

Happy birthday to the blog at the newly redesigned Women-Ink website! A redesign I looove.

The updates had been needed for some time (*cough* okay, years).

My inspiration came as I created a new logo with colors I'd featured in my old Wordpress website and paired them with purple. Then, after crawling through hundreds of videos, I found one I loved — the one now in the header on the main page, https://www.Women-Ink.com. When I realized the colors in the video matched the logo, W00T, it was like the changes were meant to be. Go for it, said the universe.

The redesign came together beautifully, and best of all, it was fun. I love it when that happens in creative work — that's flow, and it feels fantastic.

And now I'm hungry for some birthday cake!