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“Kate is calm, focused, and mentally organized, which has a contagious effect. She took just one thing and asked a lot of good pertinent questions to help me break it down, and gave real, useful, and yet simple suggestions.

I also appreciated it when she accepted that there were some things I knew would not work—it meant she was listening, and wasn’t speaking from a place of absolute knowledge and certainty. That’s good because it feels less like being told what to do as being gently guided along, taking an active part in the process, and having things organized. And we laugh together!

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“Kate is an amazing individual who has taught me a great deal about the writing world. Having walked in the shoes of writers, she knows the highs and lows, and what works and doesn’t work in the industry. She always listens and her attention to detail is phenomenal. Her ability to teach, listen and motivate truly exemplifies what it means to be an excellent coach.

Without her I wouldn’t have been able to write a full-length novel and publish it in a less than a year. Thank you, Kate, for taking this journey with me. You rock!”

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“I can’t recommend Kate highly enough . . . She has been a wonderful mentor and her coaching skills — sometimes coaxing skills! — have rescued me many times, restoring flagging confidence and energy . . . I look forward to our sessions and knowing I will be meeting with her via telephone helps keep me on track!


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Hear What Others Have To Say

“Having struggled with two false starts on my book over the last year, I didn’t know if I had it in me to try again. The desire was there, but I felt lost. After reviewing Kate’s website and talking with her, I knew I’d found a valuable resource.

Kate helped me focus my creativity and set new, attainable writing goals. She taught me that riding the writer’s roller coaster doesn’t have to be scary — it can be fun with the proper tools.

Kate has a knack for saying just the right thing to keep me motivated and working. She is especially talented at evaluating where I am and how to get me where I want to go. I honestly look forward to each coaching session, knowing I’ll be in an even better place in just 30 minutes.

— P.E. Lindy

Larry Jane

Industry Expert

“Kate, you became my life coach when I hit a major creative block. You helped me enormously with dissolving that block, and in the process, gently guided me to see, and address, the issues that had created the block in the first place. I never felt I was under any obligation to use your suggestions on the path you were helping me define for myself, and yet when I did, I immediately felt the difference in my life.

The very best part about my sessions with you is that I felt like I was talking to a good friend, one with wonderful clarity and perception. Your warmth, humor and acceptance made it easy for me to get straight to the heart of the problem and resolve it.”

Shelby Reed, multi-published with Berkley Books, Pocket Books and Ellora’s Cave

Mike Jones

Consumer Specialist

Couldn’t have asked for a better experience. I will definitely be coming back. Thank you for existing!. Looking forward to my next visit already!

Bridget Jones

Business Consultant